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Soda Pop Collectibles

Collectibles Today

by Daniel Wright

The variety of collectibles is extensive. For example, right now a lot of people like to collect a variety of things that have to do with soft drinks. Included in this category are unique soft drink cans or bottles, promotional items and sometimes even soda machines. Other possibilities are any items related to the beginning of the soft drink industry.

Bottles are one of the more common collectibles since they aren't space hogs and are available in an array of styles. The prices also come in in a wide array, which is also wonderful. Most desirable of all, and bringing a higher price are bottles that still contain the product.

Some soda product collectibles are specific to one brand, such as Pepsi. Caleb Bradham invented it, he was a druggist in North Carolina. This drink was called "Brad's Drink" in 1893 and changed to the current name after five years. The old bottles are considered valuable, but newer special editions will also bring in a good price. One such bottle is only a couple years old, and is a commemorative bottle to Elvis.

Bottles that represent a change are a valued item for collectors, such as the first no deposit no return bottles and early cans. Changes in shape, label and coloring also mark items of special interest. Some even collect the wooden cases that once held bottles or even some of the cardboard six pack holders with interesting designs.

Signs are another popular collectible. These can be outdoor signs made from wood or metal, or indoor display signs of various shapes, sizes and designs, or even murals when whole walls may be removed and sold. Some signs include lighting or clocks and are popular for their functionality. Condition is a huge factor in value and treasured collectibles are wooden signs that were stored indoors before much weathering and still in new condition.

Some people prefer to collect soda machines, and a subgroup of these collect Pepsi machines particularly. They range from simple iceboxes to modern machines. The most valuable of all of these are still in good working order. The price of a soda machine can range from under $100 up through the thousands for the less available models.

Other categories of collectibles can include everything from t-shirts to crystal. Soft drink companies produce limited editions of merchandise which you can purchase at numerous sites online. Soda company glasses and trays are one of the least expensive soda collectibles on the market. However, you can find pretty much anything you can name with a soda logo, often at very affordable prices.

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Published November 11th, 2007

Filed in Hobby

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