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Soda Pop Collectibles

Collectibles: Benefits Of An Undermined Hobby

by Daniel Wright

Everybody can find an interesting hobby in collecting things. There are several options in every price range. Some of the most favored and accessible are soft drink related things. Prices for the most affordable items are low enough for everybody to start this hobby. It is also later possible to make a profitable business from the hobby.

Collectors of soft drink memorabilia range from those who focus on the collectibles of only one brand, such as Coca-Cola, to others who collect anything related to the soft drink industry including unique pieces like complete soda counters out of old drugstores or barn doors on which soft drink ads were painted. Certain items which were originally sold as collectibles were produced in vast quantities which make them worth less than a dollar. An extremely rare soda industry item may cost well into the tens of thousands of dollars.

If this is a pastime which calls to you, your first step should be to research the background of your chosen product on its manufacturer's site. Even those items which are no longer being made have followers, and online research can make it possible to locate that unusual pineapple beverage which was only found for a couple of years in an out of the way part of Wyoming. There is a good deal of socializing and information exchanging going on among fans of soda collectibles.

Many people love to collect soft drink machines, although these can be among the most expensive and awkward of the items connected to soda pop. Like soda counters and old taps, these can be very bulky and expensive to ship, adding to the cost, and not everyone has room for a huge machine. There are some prized smaller models that hold smaller numbers of bottles for those with more desire than space. The most desirable machines will still work, if mechanical.

A popular type of collectible is the soft drink signs. These signs come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. They were also made in different types of materials. Some were even made of wood. Value is highly influenced by the overall condition of the sign. Rust can bring down the value significantly on a metal sign. Rarity is the other driving force in value. Some signs will have other additions to them like lighting or even a clock.

Cans and bottles are also popular collectibles. Surprisingly, many people prefer to collect the ones that are unopened. Very old bottles produced when the product was first marketed are preferred by collectors as are bottles or cans that change in shape, color or composition. Collecting bottles and cans is affordable, allowing nearly everyone to participate in this hobby.

Many companies put out special containers for holidays, the Olympics or specialized one for local events and notable achievements, and these make a great way to start collecting. You can also find brand themed glassware, china, trays, clocks, pens, clothing and stuffed animals. Online auction sites are great places to find or sell soft drink related merchandise, new and old.

Soda Pop Collectibles is the #1 online community for Coca-Cola & Pepsi commemoratives.

Published November 16th, 2007

Filed in Hobby

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