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Coca-Cola Memorabilia - Collector's Love It

by Daniel Wright

Ever since Joseph Biedenharn bottled the first Coca-Cola in 1894, people have fallen in love with the drink and with a multitude of collectibles associated with this popular beverage. Everything from bottles to signs or just about any item you can imagine has been associated with the Coca-Cola or Coke trademark and Coca-Cola memorabilia is one of the most popular kinds of collecting. If it is a vintage Coca-Cola item of any kind, there is likely a collector who will buy it.

When you speak of Coca Cola collectibles, you naturally begin with the famous bottles. The earliest ones have the greatest value. They were hand blown and mismatched as to color, form, and even size. The earliest of all had a rubber seal and a cap with a wire. However, since the taste of the drink was affected by the rubber, this closure didn't last very long. By 1910, the glass containers were machine crafted and standardized. The Coca Cola bottle shape everyone recognizes was adopted in 1916 and has endured since then.

Bottles become valued Coca-Cola memorabilia not only by being old, but also because some commemorate special events. When aluminum cans came into use in the 1960's, commemorative and vintage cans also became collectibles. Often, unopened cans and bottles are quite a bit more valuable.

Coca-Cola memorabilia collectors value the cartons and cases used for Coke products. The six-pack cardboard holder, introduced in 1928, is one of the early packages, once common with Coke products. Some collectors also prefer wooden cases. The pairing bottles represent an even better alternative for contemporary packaging.

Even the bottle caps can be valuable collectibles, since they have also been issued as commemorative items as well. There was once a contest which awarded a free case of Coke for collection a bottle cap from each of the 50 states -- and a full set of these would thrill collectors. Many Coca Cola collectors have a very narrow focus in their collecting.

The collectors of official Coca-Cola memorabilia aren't limited to glasses and bottles. Coke has also licensed its logo for use on key chains, articles of clothing, Coca Cola polar bears, napkin dispensers, toothpick dispensers, salt and pepper sets, thermometers, change trays, and wallpaper. There is something for every style and every room in the house. The internet is a great place to connect with others who share this hobby, and to buy and sell or trade items. features Coca-Cola memorabilia items as well as Pepsi, Mountain Dew, 7UP, and many other soft drink makers. View our huge selection of Coke memorabilia with vintage Coca-Colainventory added daily!

Published November 1st, 2007

Filed in Hobby

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