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Challenger Parts: Make A List And Check It Twice

by Tom S Powers

Dodge is well known for their heavy duty trucks, race cars and sedans that made their name popular today. Since they became known under the Daimler Chrysler company, the popularity has made Dodge well-cared for. Dodge vehicles are known and are demanding by racing teams when it comes to winning on the various race tracks all over the world. Dodge today, is known is the racing champ when it comes to wins.

A once dreamed of automotive business of the Dodge brothers became a reality. They began marketing cars and trucks that have become a staple of a lifestyle with people around the globe making the business quite the success; finally, the business was bought and the manufacturing of vehicles was turned over to the Chrysler Corporation.

Dodge continues to make the high quality cars for which it has become famous, now as part of the Daimler Chrysler Company. Its best selling vehicles include the Avenger, Challenger, Stratus, Viper, Neon, Ram, Dakota, Magnum, and many more. Dodge is also creating new cars that will sustain its reputation as a maker of fine vehicles for many years to come. When you get into a Dodge, you're getting the ride of your life.

Dodge was the last manufacturer to enter the pony car division in the United States market. But everyone can say that Dodge has wisely spent their time in crafting their entry excellently - the Dodge Challenger. Released by the Dodge, a division of Chrysler Corporation, the Challenger was well-appreciated by the car enthusiast and the buying public. Though it was strongly based on Plymouth Barracuda's new E-body, its wheelbase is two inches bigger and it received a different sheet metal.

The dodge Challenger parts gain 80,000 sales just on the first year of its debut in 1970. There was a lot of critics' from the press about the Dodge Challenger parts, as well as a bad car market that was already falling behind. In the four or five years of the existence this is what the Challenger faced to struggle to stay ahead in the car industry. Over its short lifespan, the Dodge Challenger made of 165,000 units sold when it ended in 1974.

There were a variety of engine choices produced for the Dodge Challenger. The Trans Am, a famous Challenger model manufactured in 1970 only, was a racing homolgation car that had a Six-Pack version of the 340 cubic inch (5.6L) engine that was specially tuned. Challenger T/A has a lift off hood made of fiberglass and a giant hood scoop with 'megaphone' exhaust ports installed towards the back of the vehicle in front of the rear wheels.

Dodge Challenger parts are available for both hard top coupes and convertibles through the 1971 model year. The performance model, designated as R/T for Road and Track is available in either body style. The 08-09 parts challenger has relaunched their service, but the new Dodge challenger parts are hard to find. Available options included, manual transmission, limited slip differential, engines, steeper rear axle ratios, limited slip differential, shaker scoop, vinyl roof, an extra small rear window, and leather seats.

The Dodge Challenger arrived with an array of engine options. The well-known Dodge Challenger Trans-Am is a Challenger model which was produced in 1970 only. It was a racing vehicle that was powered with a specially tuned Six-Pack version of the 340 cubic inch (5.6L) engine. This variety can make it difficult to find correct Challenger parts. . In 08-09 parts Challenger has been introduced again but these new challenger Dodge parts are rare to get. In many cases, it will be necessary for the budget enthusiast to look for refurbished parts, or be forced to settle for "good enough."

Published September 4th, 2008

Filed in Hobby

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