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Soda Pop Collectibles

Coca-Cola Collectibles: Buyer Beware!

by Daniel Wright

It goes without saying that everybody is aware of Coke. Generations of us have been raised in sight of the ubiquitous red and white symbol which is unavoidable in the media and in stores across the country. As we go on living in a world full of all sorts of Coca Cola marketing, it is clear that this brand name is not just important to those who love the taste of the product. It is highly significant to collectors, who amass Coke collectibles, digging them up anyplace they can, looking eagerly for exciting new treasures, and decorating their houses with them.

Coca Cola bottles are collected by many people. Coke collectibles bring back happy memories of joyous occasions to all their collectors. Santa Claus and pretty women were used often by Coca Cola marketers in their ads. The Santa that our children know today is believed to be the likeness of the beloved Coca Cola Santa that their marketers brought to life.

Aside from these pictures, Coca-Cola collectibles are available back to the 1800s but these items are from the high priced collector. After 1970 there have been many Coca Cola collectibles that have been reproduced or copied to look like the older items and sold as originals. Calendars, trays and the like have been copied to just about perfection where even an expert is sometimes tricked into believing they are the real thing.

It's not just among the high ticket pieces that one sees copies, though. There are endless numbers of copies at all levels. There are pieces which were crafted to appear antique even though similar real ones didn't ever exist. These articles are termed "fantasies." They run the gamut from buckles to knives and are frequently found on sale with other collectibles. While the majority of dealers have no intention of knowingly defrauding their clients, these articles do get sold to unwitting new collectors in the guise of actual Coca Cola collectibles.

Some people's interest lies in Pepsi collectibles. For your own protection and that of others, you should buy big ticket items only from vendors you can truly rely on, and get the items in your collection appraised by someone with unquestioned expertise before you attempt to make a high priced sale.

Even with all this questionable activity going on, avoiding the pitfalls of reproductions and fantasy items while enjoying Coke collecting remains a possibility. Purchasing affordable items you like, whether they're new or old, offers lovers of Coca Cola memorabilia a way to join in on the fun. features Coca-Cola collectibles as well as Pepsi, Mountain Dew, 7UP, and many other soft drink makers. View our huge selection of vintage Pepsi products, Coke and other soda pop memorabilia. New Coca Cola items every day!

Published February 17th, 2008

Filed in Hobby

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