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Soda Pop Collectibles

Pepsi Vending Machine: Investment Collectibles

by Daniel Wright

Vintage collectibles are a popular hobby and a big business as well, and many collectors specialize on quite a few different things, many of them related to soda pop. Many prefer to make collections of vintage soda bottles often sticking to one brand. Other prefer signs or clocks, wearing apparel, jewelry or in some cases vending machines.

Pepsi vending machine collectors have more work to do than those who collect machines from their nearest competitor. Pepsi was originally marketed as a "bargain" soft drink, emphasizing their much larger bottle at the same price as their competition. This appealed to customers, but it also meant that their bottles would not fit the same size machines.

Different shapes and sizes of bottles requires manufacturers of vending machines to make many different models which drives up costs. Pepsi was focused on cutting costs and operating at thin profit margins and consequently the company opted not to invest as much in vending machines. Thus few were made and even fewer survived to the present which makes a Pepsi vending machine quite rare.

The very first vending machines were nothing more than a self-service bin with a container for payment which worked on the honor system. Next came automated machines that dispensed bottles of Pepsi after a nickel was dropped into a coin slot. The next big innovation were machines that could make change for a dime.

The next thing that could change currency or coin us was the electronic machine. These machines include a small computer that operates them. They collect sales information and other data. Some day these machines will become collector items. In the future you will be able to buy a soda by swiping a card or by the machine reading your thumbprint or retina pattern.

A few rare machines dispensed a fountain style drink in a paper cup and a working model of that would be a big prize for a collector. You don't necessarily need a huge amount of space to collect machines, since some earlier models were very compact, holding 20 sodas or so and are small enough to place on a small table or counter space. Some do prefer the huge old machines and simply make room for them.

There are Pepsi vending machines that dispense cans as well as the 20 ounce plastic bottles that are popular today. While some of the new machines are unique and might be considered collectibles many people buy them for fun or to spice up the entertainment area of their home. Others just like to keep a machine near a backyard pool to keep cold beverages close at hand.

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Published December 6th, 2007

Filed in Hobby

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