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Soda Pop Collectibles

Collectibles: One Man's Junk Is Another Man's Treasure

by Daniel Wright

A fitting example of the phrase 'one man's junk is another man's treasure' are collector's items. A good and fun way to remember the events that took place a while ago, or in a different time period, is by buying collectibles. It can be a profitable business for those who know what they are actually doing.

Each of us has a tendency to keep items. Among the more popular collections are books, magazines and other printed material. Other individuals choose solid items such as coins, plates, china or dolls. It is always an advantage when an item in your collection becomes worth more. If you are looking for such an investment, consider items related to hit movies that are currently in production.

Comic books are also very popular with people. Mostly, original comic books in mint condition are worth a lot of money. Anything can be sold if you find the right buyer. People who buy collectibles buy them from various different locations. There are specialty stores, such as comic book stores and sports memorabilia stores where you get these.

There are many places that people find items for their collections. There are thrift stores, estate sales and online auctions or live auctions. A lot of people go the Internet to find a variety of things at good prices to add to their collections.

Sports collectibles are any type of memorabilia having to do with sports or athletes. Sports collectors may have autographed balls, jerseys, sports posters, and baseball cards. Anything attached with the name of a great and accomplished athlete can become a collector's item. The item is simply a fun way of remembering or honoring an athlete. Sometimes if you hang on to an autographed item by a popular athlete, it can become very valuable! Our culture is full of sports fanatics, and many people keep sports themed collections somewhere in their homes or offices.

Coca-Cola collectibles are very popular things to collect. These collectibles can include tins, posters, glasses, old Coca-Cola cans, figurines, and ornaments. Old Coca-Cola items showed women dressed nicely drinking Coca-Cola. More recent items show the Coca-Cola polar bear.

For a couple centuries now collecting has become refined. Collecting things such as art, stamps, and coins were most popular. Now people pick a variety of things to collect like telephone pole insulators, mason jars,and barbed wire. They form organizations for these collections. You would be intrigued by the many different and unusual thing people collect. Investments are another way people collect. features thousands of soda pop collectibles. Browse hundreds of Coca-Cola items, vintage Coca-Cola cans, and soda pop memorabilia of every size, shape, and type. Also, check out our soda pop videos--collections, classic ads, and more!

Published March 29th, 2008

Filed in Antiques, Hobby

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