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Soda Pop Collectibles

Collectibles Never Grow Old

by Daniel Wright

For someone who wants to reminisce about their younger days, or wants to acquire a hobby that indulges their desire to seek out and save things, buying keepsake items can satisfy both these needs. Collectibles from a variety of time periods, cultural aspects, and even brand names let people choose a topic that has meaning to them and take pride in building a collection of items relating to this subject that is unique and they can call their very own.

Keepsake items currently range from licensed products that are made by large corporations and companies to small, handcrafted articles that are designed as unique pieces and are thought to be more valuable than the actual cost. Many individuals design their own products and these can be thought of as collectibles but most people feel that products produced in bulk in connection with pop culture or history are true collector's pieces.

Decorative items which may be displayed throughout the house are what comes to mind when thinking about collectibles offered for sale. Ranging from intricate ceramicware which can be grouped in an arrangement on your mantelpiece, to big pieces such as classic cars or sculptures, decorative objects are among the biggest number of purchases of this type. Great numbers of people value them for their investment and aesthetic worth.

Over the last hundred years or so, the most popular collectibles that have come to the market are those that deal with beverages and foods. As food and drink manufacturers in the last century have been the primary means of sustaining the public, their longevity has created a collector's market for their packaging and special promotional items that garner the brand's names.

Two of the most popular corporate producers of memorabilia on the market are Pepsi and Coca Cola brand items. These two companies are more than just brands, they have become icons that have made many different items over the years to not only promote their products, but to also create worldwide collectible markets for their wares. Antique markets and other venues which offer collectible items for sale are places at which you can routinely find items with logos from these two companies.

Any item which has enough value and personal meaning for a person to obtain and store can ultimately be considered an item worth saving. Many items, however, go beyond this level of personal value to become something more representative of an era or culture. These are the items that are truly desired by most collectors, as all types of people would want to seek after and own such a piece of history. features Coca-Cola store collectibles as well as vintage Pepsi memorabilia, and soda pop collectibles of every size, shape, and type. Also, check out our videos of soda pop collections, classic ads, and more!

Published August 4th, 2008

Filed in Antiques, Hobby

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