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Reborn Dolls: Witness the Rebirth

by Michelle Robbins

Children everywhere in the world enjoy playing with toys. Surveys show, though, that dolls sell more worldwide than any other type of toy. What makes dolls so special that children simply can't seem to live without them? This article will discuss a certain special type of dolls which is known as 'reborn dolls'. Where do these particular dolls originate from?

The United Sates of America gave birth to converted dolls. People, rather artists, who make such dolls, are known as 'reborners'. It is not a child's play to turn a lifeless doll into a lifelike doll. It takes a lot of imagination and creativity to make a converted doll. You would be surprised to know that the creativity of 'reborners' is so powerful that two converted dolls can never look alike.

In order to make reborn dolls, materials like vinyl are used to create a human-like appearance. These materials help to simulate a human skin tone, and they're easily customizable. You can even ask a master doll maker to create a special doll based on certain characteristics. In Australia, for example, doll makers are working on versions of dolls that look almost like various celebrities.

I was amazed by their craftsmanship. It would mesmerize you if you watch a 'reborner' infuse 'lifelike' expressions on the face of a doll. Thanks to the growing popularity of converted dolls in different parts of the world, more and more artists have started making dolls.

Is it possible to learn the art of doll-making? Yes, it is possible to 'learn' this art. However, you need to spend a considerable amount of time if you want to master this art. Creativity is the quality that must be inherent in you if you want to become a 'reborner'. You must develop the ability to recognize facial expressions.

You can also take help of the Internet to learn more about 'rebirth dolls'. In fact, you can even subscribe to web sites that specialize in providing coaching for making reborn baby dolls. There are a number of web sites that even offer 'video tutorials' for making 'reborn dolls'.

Can a beginner learn how to create beautiful reborn dolls? The answer is yes. At the same time, though, it's very difficult to fully master the craft, and it will take lots of time and energy. To be successful, you'll need to use creativity, and you'll also need to be able to recognize and recreate facial expressions. There is all sorts of assistance available online if you want to find out about so-called "rebirth dolls". Indeed, one can sign up on websites which specialize in training people to make these reborn baby dolls. Lots of sites on the Net will even provide detailed videotaped tutorials on the topic.

Published October 29th, 2008

Filed in Hobby

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