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Soda Pop Collectibles

Collectibles To Suit Every Budget

by Daniel Wright

Many of us collect something or another, it helps pass the time and gives us something to do. Some collect sports collectibles others collect dolls or comic books. Pretty much anything can be collectible. Check stores or even garage sales to find great collectibles.

When a certain brand has been around for so many years, typically their product and image will change several times to try and keep up with current trends. Brands such as Coca-Cola, and the various types of Coca-Cola bottle design they have had in the past have now become highly sought after collectibles by some, and are now considered as vintage antiques by many collectors worldwide.

Though it is not only the Coca-Cola bottle that is a sought-after piece from that specific brand - old style t-shirts, blankets and towels are only a few of the limited edition collector's items that have been released throughout the history of the company.

Some people spend hundreds, or even thousands of dollars and countless hours of their own personal time on their collectibles. Others just keep what friends or family gives them, or what they find laying on the streets or on a trail somewhere (a rock collector, for example). These types of collectors have very little expenditure, but can still amass quite the collection, both big in size and quite valuable.

How you will want to store your collectibles will depend on what type of collectible it is. Some items are more prone to mold, dust and dirt than others, and storing them so that they retain their original condition is crucial. Methods of storage range from a bank safe-deposit box to an old shoebox underneath the bed. Some people display their collectibles throughout their home on shelves or tables, while others purchase or even build beautiful, elaborate display cases using wood, glass, and plastic of various sorts.

Whatever you choose, you can take solace in knowing that most likely, you are not the only one in the world who is interested in that certain object. With newsgroups and bulletin boards on the Internet these days, getting in touch with others to share information or trade objects is easier than ever! features Coca-Cola bottles as well as many from Pepsi, Mountain Dew, 7UP, Hires Root Beer, and other soft drink makers. View our huge selection of Coca-Cola collectibles with new items added daily!

Published July 12th, 2008

Filed in Antiques, Hobby

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