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Mustang Quarter Windows: What You Should Know

by Tom S Powers

The quarter window on a car or on an enclosed vehicle can either be a side window located in the front door or on either side of the automobile, slightly in front of the car's back window. Not all vehicles possess them. In certain instances, the fixed quarter window might be positioned in the car's corner or 'C-pillar'.

Quarter window is as well at times called quarter glass. This casement might be set on center and would then be called a vent window. Mainly and frequently can be found on older automobile on the frontage entry, a tiny and more or less triangularly fashioned tumbler in obverse of and detached from the focal window that roll downward.

When Ford switched from the '86 model year to the '87 model year, they decided to go with a cleaner-looking rear quarter window assembly for the Mustang. The window glasses were embedded in a one-piece assembly that was made with vulcanized rubber. The assembly was complex, but it blended the roof into the rear quarter-panel. However, as time passed, the rubber deteriorated in the hot sun and left a discolored and pitted window frame.

Over the past ten years or so, the owners of 1987-1993 Mustangs have had to put up with weathered, unsightly Mustang quarter windows. Painting over this problem just makes it worse, and an available repair kit gives temporary improvement with a cover-up job.

Having stepped up to the plate with the ultimate solution is the Late model Restoration Supply: 100% new '87-'93 rear quarter windows for mustangs which are made by the original-equipment manufacturer. Starting at a price of $599.95 per pair and are available for hatchbacks and hardtops, having identical windows to the original Ford assemblies, all the way down to the Mustang lettering printed on the glass.

Making changes to the rear mustang quarter windows is a simple R&R procedure. Reaching the nine retaining nuts for each of the mustang windows is the hardest part; basically, for the hatchback, you will need to take off all the plastic trim in the rear of the interior. However, during almost all of this process you are working with small Phillips head screws, but, you will need to have the right socket for unbolting the front seatbelt mechanism on both sides of the car.

Quarter windows, i.e. the windows found just forward of the rear window of the car, present an obstacle for the Ford Mustang enthusiast. Starting in '87, Ford went with a new one-piece vulcanized rubber quarter window. If you need to replace your Ford Mustang windows, specifically the quarter windows for mustangs year 87-93, you can get a pair for $599.99 which are easy to install. The Mustang quarter windows are made by an original parts manufacturer, and are an excellent and affordable option to "patch-and-paint" kits. These measures simply do not work long term.

Published January 13th, 2009

Filed in Hobby

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