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Soy Candle Making - Better For The Enviornment!

by Fred Wild

Making soy candles for your own use can help you to protect the environment in a small way. Most candles are made from petroleum by-products, and their manufacture produces gases that aggravate the greenhouse effect. Soy candles can be used for all your lighting needs. They are made from soy wax, another form of soybean oil, and are thus less harmful to the environment than any other kind of candle that you can buy.

More and more people are using soy candles and they are sold in all types of shops including supermarkets and through online shops. You can enjoy number of advantages by using soy candles which includes money saving, free of pollution, less soot generation and faster scent dispersion.

The mess from traditional candles is ugly and difficult to clean. Conversely, the natural alternative burns cleanly and any waste can be removed with soap and water. Indeed, the demand for such green products is sufficiently high that you can make soy candles in your spare time and sell them for profit!

Soy candle making is a breeze when compared to paraffin candle making. It is a helpful idea to prepare all the necessary raw materials including the containers and mason jars you will be using before you begin the soy candle making. The containers you have chosen to use for this process need to be very clean and dry.

If you wish to create a fatter candle, a wider wick might be necessary. The initial step in the making of a soy candle is to heat the wax in a pot. You will want to have a medium-sized flame under it until it has softened. When the entire substance has gotten soft, you can add the scented oil you prefer and blend it in well so that it gets completely absorbed into the soy wax.

Making different colored candles is as easy as mixing wax dye with a preferred color combination. Once mixed, you can transfer the hot soy wax carefully to the jar or mold. Using a wooden stick can help safely place the wick upright in the center of the jar. In a few minutes, the wax will cool, and start to solidify. This is a good time to trim the wick to the intended size. If you want to make candles, and enjoy doing it, it is an easy way to supplement your earnings in today's dragging economy, and you will see how quickly it all begins to add up!

There are many different waxes available for those who wish to make candles, but if you want to stay green, why not try to make soy candles with soy-based wax? Soy wax is a form of soybean oil, which makes it easy to clean up after candle spills with simple soap and water. Soy candles are also money savers, generate less soot, and quicker to disperse scent. You can even make money selling them through stores. Soy candle making requires some basic ingredients, such as suitable containers, a wick, and a mason jar, but the steps themselves are easy.

Published April 6th, 2009

Filed in Hobby

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