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Vintage Coke Machines A 'cool' Investment

by Daniel Wright

There is nothing more satisfying that slipping a few quarters into a coke machine on a hot summers day, hearing that bottle drop out of the shoot and enjoying an ice cold drink. Maybe that's why a vintage coke machine is one of the most collectible items among antique dealers and collectors. Since their introduction they have been sought after by fans.

These machines have been in huge demand over the years and command an amazing price at auctions no matter what condition you find them in and are great collectibles. The surprising thing is that most treasures are rare and that makes them valuable, but not for vintage coke machines. They were mass produced and that means there are a lot of them out there for the finding.

If you are in search of a vintage coke machine, look around some older motels or gas stations which at times may have these machines unplugged and going unused. Most of these coke machines are installed only in outdoors by cavalier operators which may be in a rough shape when spotted at them. Most of them would not sell but would be happy hauling them away.

There is a cottage industry that makes the substitution parts and supplies necessary to renovate these old coke machines.

Once you have completed the refurbishment, these machines can be worth a lot of money. There are regular auctions held around the country for the sale of these machines and they can fetch a price several times their original cost. There are a lot of collectors looking for a vintage coke machine for their den or game room.

The great thing about purchasing and restoring a vintage coke machine is that it can be an event for the entire family. You may be able to work on the machine with your children, or share your memories from past times with them. This type of project can be very enjoyable for all, and can result in a collectible machine to leave for your children.

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Published February 10th, 2009

Filed in Antiques, Hobby

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