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Soda Pop Collectibles

Vintage Coke Machines - Retro Deco

by Daniel Wright

Every entity more than a hundred years aged is measured historic and items comportment the recognizable Coca-Cola symbol are no omission. Having been recognized way rear in the 19th century; the business has noticeably left pretty a bequest of historic items demeanor its name throughout the existence.

Vending machines are a very convenient way of purchasing Coca-Cola. Vintage Coke machine are an especially trendy, and more appealing to potential buyers, than purchasing from a drug store.

Coca-Cola vending machines have come a long way from the times of the metallic box, on to what was called the ice box. Regardless of the size and shape of the vending machine thousands have obtained Coke bottles from them. Today Coke vending machines have come be known as a modern coin operated machine.

There were a number of these companies who made this types of antique Coca-Cola machines which included the Vendorlator, Cavalier, and F.L. Jacobs. The rare vintage Coke machines are currently being collected by fans of the Coca-Cola soft drink all over the entire world. These fans are placing these machines in their "rec rooms", gamerooms, kitchens, and sometimes their garage! Of course, interior designers are often on the lookout for this pretty examples of Americana so that they can decorate their clients' houses and businesses. There are even traditional Coke retailers who still want to vend their drinks from the vintage Coke machines as a tribute to nostalgia.

The Coca-Cola Collectors Club is comprised of fans of the soft drink who also collect the advertising items and memorabilia it has produced through more than 120 years of quenching the thirst of millions all over the world. The club's membership has grown to more than 5,000 and you can learn a wealth of information about Coca-Cola collectibles, including these coveted machines, through their monthly newsletter and conventions.

Browse vintage Coke machines of every make and shape at View a great selection of antique Coca-Cola and other Coca-Cola collectibles added daily.

Published December 23rd, 2008

Filed in Antiques, Hobby

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