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Soda Pop Collectibles

Retro Soda Pop Machines: How to Restore and Refurbish

by Daniel Wright

Vintage soda pop coolers or retro soda pop machines are considered premium collectible items. Hobbyists may be willing to pay good money for that old machine occupying so much space in your basement, assuming that machine was restored to fully working condition.

Don't underestimate the worth of that old machine. Collectibles have become such a good business that there is now a market for buying and selling these items, and you have an added advantage of these machines being good old Americana. Whether it's a vintage soda pop cooler, vintage soda machine or anything similar, you'll want to at least look into restoring that machine and seeing how it''s worth afterwards.

This are the steps to restoration: Step one: Disassembly. The machine is broken apart into the smallest components. Step two: Repainting. Exterior and interior parts are painted, and metal polished. Step Three: Reassembly. The parts are put back together. Step Four: Testing. Based on whether the machine functions or not, pieces are replaced and reassembled.

Say you do have such a machine lying at home, but don't know where to start the restoration process. Not to worry as there are many machine and collectible companies that specialize in restoration and refurbishing. They will even find and replace unusable parts for you, and will be able to bring your old machine back to working condition and increase its value.

These collectibles companies are easily found online, as they themselves found this as the most convenient way to reach out to hobbyists. Their sites also feature free information on retro soda pop machines, so you can ascertain the make of your machine, the year it was made, etc. However, if you want to verify your machine's market value, you will have to purchase a price guide.

Collecting and restoring these machines is fun and worthwhile for hobbyists, but even if you have no particular interest in them, you may want to look into joining in. It could be worth the effort and investment to have that machine restored as you can then easily sell to other hobbyists for a good profit. As is the case with any investment, however, make sure to do your research to get the most value out of that machine.

Learn more about retro soda pop machines of every make and shape at View a great selection of vintage soda machines and vreintage soda pop coolers for sale.

Published July 15th, 2009

Filed in Antiques, Hobby

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